My Story

Jude Dholah, President & CEO of TIR Consult.

Jude began his business career in Canada in 1987 working in the Food Industry (Consumer Packaged Goods) with the Kellogg Company as a Credit and Collections Analyst. Jude was promoted to Supervisor of the Credit department after two years.  In 1996, he took his family back to his home country, the beautiful island of Mauritius, after nine years being in Canada to pursue a career in Administrative Management with the French Communications giant, Alcatel; they stayed there for the next four years. Jude was back in Canada in 2000 and resumed his career in the Credit field again with the Kellogg Company.  Then after successfully obtaining his “Certified Credit Professional” certification from the U of T and the Credit Institute of Canada in 2003, Jude moved into the role of Credit Manager with yet another organization in the same industry, the Campbell Soup Company.

Why “Thinking into Results”?  After a long and successful carreer in the Credit field, Jude decided to turn his passion of helping people into a new carreer.  He has been studying Bob Proctor’s philosophies and teachings since 2006. Jude joined the Proctor Gallagher Institute in 2016 as a Consultant in order to help individuals and businesses, small and large, recognize their potential and “believe” they can achieve their big goals. Under the guidance of his mentors Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher Jude teaches their proven method “Thinking Into Results”, the most powerful leadership transformational program of its kind.
Working with Jude creates phenomenal results!  He is dedicated to teaching individuals and organizations how to unleash their full potential, hit their targets; achive their goals.
“It is the greatest and most rewarding feeling to see people begin to recognize their full 
potential and start focusing on what's really important". 
The reward is being part of the process, and witnessing them achieve their goals.

-Jude Dholah-